Words have the power of life and death, and those who love them will eat of their fruit. 


I love to make up stories. I love to act them out. My hope is that my words, spoken or on the page will find a way to expose the glory of the Truth. 


I blog here: Crumpled Bell(e)


Recent Readings: 


November 13, 2016     Other People’s Poetry-Sylvia Plath: Ariel

October 29th, 2016      Dia de Los Muertos-Pink Drum Poets

September 3, 2016       Curated Artists for Rituals and Monuments Mercado

January 31, 2016          Looped: Sound- Sound Experience at the Nasher Chalet

                                     Poems are simultaneously broadcast and encountered inside headphones.

                                     Chalet Corner. Wordspace.

August 6, 2016             Celebrating 21 Years of The Writer’s Garret The Dallas Institute of Arts and Humanities

September 32016        Rituals and Monuments

July 30, 2016                Lit Hop with Pegasus Reading Series and Pink Drum Kettle Arts

July 29, 2016                Reading with Tim Seibles Wild Detective

July 22, 2016               White Rock Zine Machine; Cloudwerks Flight. Zine Launch and Reading Deep Vellum 

December 16, 2015      Pegasus Reading Series.  Wordspace Kettle Arts

July 9, 2015                  Inverse: Looped Common Desk Video Installation and Looped Performance-Replacement                                       Babies. Wordspace.

June 14, 2014                Poets on X Series Reading with Samira Noorali-Lucky Dog




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