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We ask what is the work of our hands and we search for What IT IS. On the days we listen, we feel God's pleasure the most. On the days we don’t, frustrating as it may be, we still feel His love and encouragement. Some days we are creating: painting, collaging, filming, sewing, writing songs, poems, stories, performing. Some days we are working: rolling up our sleeves and cleaning, cooking, planting, building, tearing down, or moving. Other days we baby-sit, decorate, fix cars, sit and talk and talk and pray and sing and love and argue and fight and forgive. And we admit, some days we are angry, ranting at the world and its' craziness and at our own selves for buying into it. Somehow God gives us the grace to stay just sane enough to keep us moving toward whatever it is He is doing in us, and for us.

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